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The Buffalo Head Shaman - A "Colony of Death" Extra

This is an extra encounter for Colony of Death. If you haven't picked one up, please do. You can get the PDF at drivethru OR the PRINT version from


The Buffalo Head Shaman

The Algonquin tell how their mythical hero, Glooskap the Demon Slayer, defeated evil sorcerers and their demon followers many centuries ago. Glooskap is said to have defeated the Kewawkqu’, a race of giants and sorcerers, and Pamola, a wicked spirit of the night, as well as hosts of fiends, goblins, cannibals, and witches. A few of those sorcerers escaped their doom, and still operate in the dark corners of the colony.

One such sorcerer is Matchitehew, the Buffalo Head Shaman, known by many names: the buffalo head; the evil one; or Matchitehew, which means ‘one with an evil heart’. The shaman is a man-shaped creature with a buffalo head, cursed for his use of dark magic. He is a worshiper of Death, and delights in all the many and varied ways men can die.

Matchitehew, the Buffalo Head Shaman:

Armor 17 (Dex+2/talisman+3), Move 120’, 7th Level Magic-User, 18hp, horns 1d8, rune staff 1d4+ drain, Morale 8.

Blow Poison Dust, blows poison dust out of his hollow staff in a 45° cone, range 40’. It takes 1 full round to reload. A character subject to this attack must make a save versus Breath Weapon with a +1 bonus or die instantly.

Rune staff, a character hit by the staff must make a save versus Magic or is drained of 1 point of Intelligence. Matchitehew has no spellbook; instead his spells are carved on his staff in the form of magic runes. For every point of Intelligence gained this way Matchitehew can cast a spell from the staff, 1 point for 1st level, 2 for 2nd, and so on. He can also prepare spells normally. Intelligence points lost in this way return at a rate of 1 per day of rest.

Spells on staff: 1st: Read Magic, Enlarge*, Magic Aura*, Mending, Unseen Servant. 2nd: Knock, Continual Light*. 3rd: Detect Magic, Howl of the Moon. 4th: Polymorph Self

Equipment: Rune staff, talisman, 3 doses of poison dust


 The Talisman

Matchitehew’s Talisman is a magical medallion which grants the wearer a +3 Armor bonus. It can also be used to cast Teleport and Dream Door. Dream Door is used to open a door to the realm of dreams, and make that experience real. When activated one can see into this other realm and choose to go there if desired. When in this realm everything one does is real, experience gained is real, objects taken to and from, are real. It is a world created through the shared dreams of all of Earth’s sentient inhabitants from all times. To explore it safely would require the guidance of an experienced dreamer. 


 New Spell: Dream Door   

Magic-User 7

Duration: 1 passage per 2 levels

Range: Touch

This spell creates an ethereal passage through wooden, plaster, or stone walls, and other mate­rials, including metals. This passage is 10' deep with a 5' diameter. The dream door is invisible and inac­cessible to all creatures except the caster, and only the caster can use the passage. The caster disappears when entering the dream door and reappears when exiting. If the caster desires, he can take one other creature (human-sized or smaller) through the door. This counts as two uses of the door. The door does not allow light, sound, or spell effects through it, nor can it be seen through, except by the caster. A Dream Door is sub­ject to Dispel Magic. If anyone is within the passage when it is dispelled, they are harmlessly ejected, the Referee rolling randomly to see if they are deposited in the real world or the dream realm.


 The Dream World

This realm is the dream version of Maryland and the New World, existing in all times. So objects, people, even events from any other time in history could be experienced, played out in an altered, dream-like form of course.

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