Saturday, December 19, 2020

Blog Update

Things have been slow over here. But I plan on getting back to posting with the new year. I've been playing 1st edition Greyhawk lately and might post some stuff from that. I also have my own fantasy homebrew world (who doesn't?) that I might start fleshing out more. All of this is pending on how I feel and what inspiration strikes. 

Our Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign came to an end so we may take a break from LotFP for a bit. We also discovered White Star this past year and will probably revisit that at some point. 

With all the crazy stuff going on this year, it was actually pretty good for me creatively. I published three supplements for LotFP this year, which you can check out on Drivethru and Lulu. Not sure what the new year holds, but I'm excited to find out, 2020 can suck it. 

So anyway, just wanted to post something so I get back in the mode. Keep gaming, people! See you soon.