Monday, July 5, 2021

Psi-Snakes from Outer Space, an encounter

PDF Here is an encounter I wrote but ended up not using, so figured I'd throw it out there maybe someone can use it. Enjoy!

On a cold and lonely night, a bright light is seen streaking across the sky over a small village.

What the villages saw as a shooting star is, in actuality, an alien spacecraft. A group of alien hunters have come looking for slaves. The aliens are reptilians with psionic abilities and advanced tech. They have come for human slaves and will march toward the closest village and begin rounding up peasants.

 The PCs just happen to be in the village on this fateful night, either locals or just spending the night during their travels.

 Hss’Tak, the Leader: Armor 17 (dex +1, scales & chitin), Move 110 slither, 140 swim, 3 HD, 13hp, claws 1d8+1, Radio Pulse Pistol 1d10, 300’, 100 charges, Morale 9. Can breathe underwater, six-armed, wall crawling, rubber-boned (1/2 damage from blunt weapons). Psionics: Mind Control 2/day, Enlarge, Darkness, Ray of Enfeeblement 1/day each. Pistol, Datapad (spellbook), battle armor (see below)

Pythonis, the Big One: Armor 16 (scales & chitin), Move 110 slither, 140 swim, 3 HD, 22hp, +6 to hit, claws 1d8+1, Laser Bazooka 3d8, 3000’ range, 25 charges, Morale 9. Can breathe underwater, six-armed, wall crawling, rubber-boned (1/2 damage from blunt weapons). Psionics: Mind Blast 2/day. Bazooka, battle armor (see below)

Sslure, the Sneaky One: Armor 16 (scales & chitin), Move 110 slither, 140 swim, 3 HD, 14hp, claws 1d8+1, Radium Ray Gun 1d10, 300’ range, 100 charges, Morale 9. Can breathe underwater, six-armed, wall crawling, rubber-boned (1/2 damage from blunt weapons). Psionics: Telekinesis 2/day. Skills: Languages 5, Sneak Attack 2, Stealth 3, Tinkering 3. Pistol, battle armor (see below), sonic screwdriver (specialist’s tools)

 Battle Armor 

All of the Psi-Snakes are wearing Battle Armor. It is designed for their large snaky bodies and cannot be worn by anyone else.

 Battle Armor: AC 19, anti-gravity 240’, +5 to hit/+11 to damage in melee, Force Field 30pts, can carry 900 lbs.

Mini-Missile 1d12, 1 mile 40’ radius. Web Launcher, 1 mile range, 40’ radius, save versus Paralyzation or be ensnared

Last Resort 

If things start going badly for the Psi-Snakes, they will unleash their last resort, the Earwig. The Earwig is a giant mutated creature which the Psi-Snakes keep in an agitated state. It will be hungry, pissed, and out of control attacking anyone in the area, including its masters.

 The Earwig: Armor 18 (scales & chitin), Move 130 slither, 130 swim, 5 HD, 23hp, bite 1d12, Morale 12. Huge, six-legged, wall crawler, ½ damage from cutting weapons.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

In Print


I was finally able to get all of my RPG modules in print. For awhile didn't do book less than 20 pages I think. These books were 15 and 16 pages. Well, now they do. Saddle-stitched and in A5 size.

They fit in nice and snug with my other LotFP books, as if they were always meant to.

My next step is to convert Colony of Death over to A5 size. So that will be coming soon.

It's an incredible feeling to see your work in print and be able to hold it in your hands. 

Please check them out and enjoy!

The Place of the Skull

The Witch Shack

Sunday, June 6, 2021

My Own Private Fantasy Fucking Vietnam



When I first heard the title "Fantasy Fucking Vietnam" (See: Green Devil Face #1) this is what I imagined.

Fighters or Specialists only 

Physik skill for medics (Flame Princess Cult #1)

Crossing Classes option

Just to keep things simple all guns do 1d8. Burst weapons are save versus Breath Weapon or take 3d8 damage. 

The players for this were all about 21 years old so they have never seen Apocalypse Now, so I lifted the plot and placed them on the Qelong River. I used WWII: Operation White Box for character backgrounds and military ranks and basic equipment. I used the weather and some of the encounters from Qelong, and BOOM! you have LotFP Vietnam.


Special Forces Unit 

Sgt. Drake, William (Bill): Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Fighter, 8hp, M-16 1d8, 9mm 1d8, Morale 11. BDUs, M-16, 9mm

 Cpl. Willis, Jeffery – Heavy Gunner: Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Fighter, 8hp, .50 Cal 2d6, Morale 11. BDUs, .50 Cal

 Sgt. Lebowitz, Herschil – Radio Operator: Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Fighter, 8hp, M-16 1d8, 9mm 1d8, Morale 8. BDUs, M-16, 9mm, Radio

 Pvt. Akers, John – Tunnel Rat: Armor 13, Move 120’, 2nd Level Specialist, 8hp, 9mm 1d8, Morale 10. Search 4, Tinkering 4. BDUs, 9mm, flashlight

 Cpl. Edgar, Robert (Butch) – Point man: Armor 13, Move 120’, 2nd Level Specialist, 8hp, M-16 1d8, Morale 11. Bushcraft 4, Search 4. BDUs, M-16, flashlight

 Pvt. Hicks, William (Bill) – Interpreter: Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Specialist, 8hp, M-16 1d8, Morale 9. Languages 6. BDUs, M-16

 Cpl. Andrews, Wesley (Wes): Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Fighter, 8hp, M-16 1d8, 9mm 1d8, Morale 11. BDUs, M-16, 9mm

 Pvt. Jensen, Thomas – Medic: Armor 13, Move 120’, 1st Level Specialist, 6hp, M-16 1d8, 9mm 1d8, Morale 10. Physik 5. BDUs, M-16, 9mm, med kit

 Bad Guys 

Viet Cong: Armor 13, Move 120’, 0-Level, 6hp, Kalashnikov 1d8, Morale 10.

 Vietnamese natives: Armor 12, Move 20’, 1HD, 5hp, fists 1d2, spear 1d6, blow dart 1 +poison, Morale 8. Save versus Paralyzation or stunned for 1d4 rounds.

 Col. Kurtz, Insane White God: Armor 14, Move 120’, 3rd Level Fighter, 23hp, M-16 1d8, 9mm 1d8, knife 1d4, Morale 12.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Review: Highway of Blood

Highway of Blood by Critical Hit Publishing is a third-party product made for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. I recently ran it with Delta Green and it worked out great. 

Highway of Blood is set in West Texas in 1975, it does a great job of capturing the feel of the 1970's. There are several suggestions for 70's metal and rock songs to be played at certain points throughout the adventure, which I thought was quite awesome. 

I used Delta Green the Role Playing game to run it. In 1975 Delta Green is in its cowboy era, running illegally with no support, so it fit perfectly with this game. Highway for Blood does provide several interesting plot hooks for different groups of players, and 2 different sets of pre-gens. Also dozens of handouts and NPC portraits, which I printed out on cardstock to pass out to the players like photographs, which was a nice touch. 

There is a cool chase scene on the highway, with chase mechanics and vehicle stats. There are Desert hazards such as heat stroke, venomous critters, new spells, creatures and more. There is a lot packed into this adventure, it's more a mini sandbox setting. There is plenty to do and explore, my group played four sessions and did not cover everything, so I could easily run it for another group and have a completely different experience. 

The physical book is pretty great too. The paper quality, the art, layout, writing, all top notch stuff. You can pick it up on drivethru.

Monday, May 10, 2021

German Hex Magic for LotFP


Need some German Hex Magic for your Lamentations of the Flame Princesses game? Colony of Death has it! 
Excerpt: "Inside, the church is very plain, with two rows of pews leading up to a simple pulpit, where sits a large illuminated Bible. The Bible is written in German and contains the Cleric spells: Augury, Cure Disease, Cure Light Wounds, Delay Poison, Protection from Evil, and Remove Curse. The spells in this Bible can be used by non-Clerics, if the reader can read German, is not chaotic, and prays for 1 hour per level of the spell being cast. This does not remove the spell from the Bible like it would for a scroll." 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

My OSR Journey

This is just the stuff I've got in physical form, there's a ton more in PDF and waiting in carts.

I bought Lamentations of the Flame Princess Rules & Magic in January of 2019, since then for the last two years I've been absorbing OSR material. 

I've been gaming for 30 years, but I always played Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying, mostly Call of Cthulhu, because of the Satanic Panic of the 80's I wasn't allowed to played D&D. So I missed out on playing BX or AD&D, but I always wanted to. By the time I got into D&D it was 3rd Edition. If we wanted fantasy we played 3E, if we wanted sci-fi it was West End Games' Star Wars d6, and for horror Call of Cthulhu. 

That was the rotation until I got sick of 3E and went exclusively to Call of Cthulhu, and Basic Roleplaying for everything else, from fantasy to superheroes. BRP is a GREAT system, its where we cut our teeth, but I was kinda getting burned out on it. 

When D&D 5E came out I got into it because I still had an itch for classic D&D, or fantasy, that wasn't 3E. But after awhile I felt like 5E really had all the same problems as 3E, rules bloat, piles of expensive, heavy books, and it wasn't old school enough for me. I wanted death, I wanted resource management, I wanted hexcrawl! I wanted the players to have to think and work as a team. So, I turned to the Retro-Clones. 


I tried OSRIC first because I wanted old-school d&d, but 1E is clunky AF, even with the better layout of OSRIC. I wanted simpler, more streamlined, so I checked out Old-School Essentials, back when it was still BX Essentials. I really liked the smooth layout and easy reference, but it had race as class, which was so strange to me at the time. But I gave it try and found I kinda liked it. So I was debating which one to buy a physical copy of, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess won out because of the art and more mature theme, and it was readily available on Amazon.

So for the last 2 years I've become an LotFP addict, a Flaming Lamenter, or a Lamenting Flamer, or whatever. But the OSR is vast and varied. It's awesome for its compatibility and there are tons of awesome games out there. The OSR has rejuvenated my interest and participation in gaming. It's what I've been missing my whole life.

Here's a quick note on some of the OSR products I've picked up.

LotFP, my favorite, the best in my opinion. Not for kids, deadly, weird, historic.

White Star is very awesome for sci-fi. You can recreate any classic sci-fi trope with this game. Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Transformers, you name it.

Old-School Essentials, perfect for referencing with its easy to read layout. Being able to reference spells and monsters quickly and easily at the table is very important to me. 

DCC is a massive tome that I have only scratched the surface of. But they seem to have a ton of weird adventures out there.

So, my OSR journey continues. There's plenty more I'd like to pick in the future as funds allow. 

OSR is King! Long Live the OSR!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Crossing Classes: an optional rule for LotFP

A simple option to let classes gain some skill points or raise their base attack bonus without bothering with multi-classing or tinkering with the rules too much.



Upon leveling up a Fighter could sacrifice their +1 to attack for 2 skill points.

A Specialist could sacrifice their 2 skill points for a +1 to attack.

A Cleric or Magic-User could sacrifice a spell slot for either +1 attack or 2 skill points. 

Fighters and Specialist cannot gain spells this way.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Map Making, the Boomer Way

 So, I was playing some old 1st edition Greyhawk, and checking out this awesome map. Greyhawk with its cool maps and detailed history just made me want to work on my own home-brew world again. So, I started with updating our campaign map. 

Now, I don't use photoshop, never had the motivation to learn it, so I had to go the roundabout way. My goal was to digitize our hand drawn composite map into the computer.

 It was too big to scan, and far to smudgy with sloppy writing, so I needed to trace the whole thing on new paper. So I used my game table, by taking out the insert and using a piece of glass with a desk lamp shining up from below, I had a makeshift ligthboard.

Then I tediously traced the whole thing, everything came out pretty good, except the mountains. 

After getting a clean trace, I folded it at the creases to get it on the scanner. I scanned each piece (9 pieces of paper) into the computer.

Once in the computer, I had to piece it back together into one picture. I used GIMP to reconstruct it, I can also put a hex grid on with GIMP but I choose not to on this one. I used Paint 3D to add color and labels.

Still had to be printed in separate pieces and taped together. I left it in 3 pieces like those old d&d maps.

So, there was probably an easier way to do this, but I worked with what I had/what I knew how to use. It was a fun process, and I'm a analog guy anyway, I like the hands on approach.

And it turned out pretty awesome.

Not sure I would recommend this method, but it worked.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Colony of Death Extras

For anyone who got my Colony of Death module here are a few free extras to go with it. If you haven't got yourself a copy of Colony of Death get the PDF here and print copy here.

The Buffalo Head Shaman a creature encounter.

 Full color map of the Province of Maryland 1650.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Blog Update

Things have been slow over here. But I plan on getting back to posting with the new year. I've been playing 1st edition Greyhawk lately and might post some stuff from that. I also have my own fantasy homebrew world (who doesn't?) that I might start fleshing out more. All of this is pending on how I feel and what inspiration strikes. 

Our Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign came to an end so we may take a break from LotFP for a bit. We also discovered White Star this past year and will probably revisit that at some point. 

With all the crazy stuff going on this year, it was actually pretty good for me creatively. I published three supplements for LotFP this year, which you can check out on Drivethru and Lulu. Not sure what the new year holds, but I'm excited to find out, 2020 can suck it. 

So anyway, just wanted to post something so I get back in the mode. Keep gaming, people! See you soon.