Sunday, June 12, 2022

Having Fun is a Lot of Work

Wow, I haven't posted in 4 months. Well, we've been busy gaming, world-building and play-testing. I got some new RPG stuff this year; Swords & Wizardry box set, a bunch of new Lamentations of the Flame Princess books, and the Classic Call of Cthulhu box set that was recently kickstarted. So, we've been busy. 

I got my brother into White Star back in Jan. and we've been playing a weekly game and working on stuff for a White Star compatible project for the future. 

My uncle ran some TSR Marvel Super Heroes, which I had never played before.

And now that the Classic Cthulhu stuff arrived, we've started a Cthulhu campaign. 

So lots of gaming going on and more to be had. I plan to eventually publish a White Star compatible product with my brother at some point, and I have some vague plans for another LotFP compatible adventure. 

So, things are in the works. I'll update again at some point, until then I'm back to it. 

Happy Gaming