Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Doom That Came to Chapman Farm - Available Now!

Available Now!

What happens when a ritual summoning goes wrong? A small town in Colonial Maryland is about to find out. Can your characters survive the coming doom? This short adventure is designed for characters to be dropped right into the action. There is little time to plan and lives hang in the balance, but a hasty attack could mean death. Or worse.


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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Rise of the Lagomorphs Available Now!


Available Now!!
Something has caused the local rabbit population to explode. Unusual birth rates lead to strange mutations. As time goes by the rabbits become gigantic, intelligent, and full of bloodthirsty ambitions! Can your characters stop the Rise of the Lagomorphs?

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Monday, October 4, 2021

Summer of Lament, the Doomed Ones LotFP campaign

This is just my notes from the crazy ass Lamentations campaign we played this summer. Some people found it hard to believe we played so many modules in just 6 months, I find it hard to believe myself. We played twice a week sometimes, we were playing episodic I was advancing the timeline 1d6 years between modules, and my players are young and like to burn through shit. 

So anyway some of you might enjoy reading this. 


The Doomed Ones - LotFP Campaign – March-August 2021

House Rules in Use 

-Weird Magic is in use (Vaginas Are Magic and Eldritch Cock)

-Physik Skill (Flame Princess Cult #1)

-Things Only Get Worse (Flame Princess Cult #1, p.24)

-Random Campaign Advancement (Flame Princess Cult #6, p.26)

-Check Age Chart (Flame Princess Cult)

-Check for Psionic ability (Carcosa) 


May 1600 – England – Celia, Gustaf, Harold, Gregory, Alavir

1. Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children 

2. Doom Cave conclusion


June 1604 - Dover, England – Celia, Hanz, Mikhil, Milton

-New Trends in Armor. Chainmail and plate are no longer available for sale, but buff coats, Pikeman’s armor, full armor, etc. are.

3. The God that Crawls

4. The God that Crawls conclusion


May 1608 - Fosdyke, Lincolnshire, England – Celia, Hanz, Vincent, Benjamin

-Fashion - Ridiculously large hats and general foppery come into vogue. Any PC wanting entrance into polite society must spend at least 15+5d10sp on a new wardrobe.

The City of London suffers a devastating plague with 75% fatality rate. King James contracts it and dies. Parliament takes temporary control, until James’ son Henry Frederick reaches the age of 18 to assume the crown.

5. England Upturn’d: Fosdyke

6. England Upturn’d part II: The Dig

7. England Upturn’d part III: The Upturning


1612 - England

-New Races: Colfach and Nilfungr in England.

At the age of 18 Prince Henry is set to take the throne, when he suddenly takes ill and dies of Typhoid Fever. England is still without a king and under Parliamentary rule.


August 1613 - Khirima, Nigeria, Africa – Celia, Hanz, Benjamin, Johnny Rotts, Orthwo

-Wheelock firearms including Arquebuses, muskets and pistols are now available.

8. World of the Lost: Khirima

9. World of the Lost, part II: The Plateau

10. World of the Lost, part III: The Temple of Ages That Are Not

Khirima is overrun with dinosaurs, plasmics and pterians. Over the coming months they spread further into Nigeria. By 1614 they will be spread throughout greater Africa.


June – July 1616 – Qelong River Valley, Cambodia – Celia, Hanz, Johnny Rotts, Orthwo

-Dwarves return to the Mother. All NPC dwarves retreat from the sunlit realms, never to be seen on the surface again. No new dwarf PCs allowed.

11. Qelong

12. Qelong part II: The Cylinder

1618 – Start of the Thirty Years War.


October 1620, off the coast of Iceland – Hanz, Christian, Gilbert, Laila

-Alchemy to quackery. All new potions produced now require a saving throw against Poison to successfully use. Failure indicates the drinker takes 1d6 damage.

13. Thulian Echoes: The Book

14. Thulian Echoes: The Present


1625 – England

Charles I ascends the throne of England. The Nilfungr have gone to war with England, who has been without a king, until the young Charles I takes to the throne and rallies the people to war.

The Protestant king Christian IV of Denmark and Norway intervenes in the German war. Emperor Ferdinand II employs Albrecht von Wallenstein to fight the Danish armies.


Dec 11, 1625 – Hanz, Christian, Gilbert, Laila, Spike, Altun

-Artifacts decay. All non-potion magic items now have a 20% chance of being drained of magic after each use. Wands, etc., can no longer be recharged.

15. Weird New World. Many seek the Northwest Passage, and the entrance to the Hollow Earth, which the Nilfungr revealed to the World. Hanz and his group arrive at Trading Post Talon. The party waits until August to venture out with the summer thaw. They find the Death Shrine.

16. Weird New World II.


August 1626 – Bert, Laila, Altun

17. Hammers of the God. They got the Elfbane.


September 1626 – Bert, Laila, Hikull, Omar, Timmy Truffle

18. Frostbitten & Mutilated

19. F&M 2

20. F&M 3. Amazons and Witches available as classes.

21. F&M 4. Into the Dim Fortress. They learned that the End is coming, and were advised to leave Earth if at all possible. They killed the Noctambulant. They spoke to King Ovv. They saw Nidhoggr. Many of the Arsonists were killed.

-Age of dueling begins. Great and medium weapons are out, rapiers are in. Furthermore, 1 in 6 city encounters are now with some fool (fighter level d4-1) who demands to cross swords.

22. F&M 5. Journey to the Sevenfold Tower. They were told that the knowledge to enter Carcosa lies inside the Sevenfold Tower.



Back on Earth, life continues.

-Arms Race. Flintlocks become available.


The Doomed Ones – Chapter II, July 2021

House Rules in Use 

-No more Vancian Magic, existing M-Us will gain slots upon leveling, but must gain spells from spellbooks, scrolls, or other M-Us, all of which have become extremely rare.

-Check Age Chart

-Check for Psionic ability

-Classes: Fighter, Sorcerer, Specialist, Mushroom Mans

-No more Physik, no more Clerics or Magic-Users

-Anyone can use Carcosan Rituals

 Carcosa, Year 2

23. Carcosa/The Seclusium of Jontof. The party has been living with a tribe of White Men for nearly a year. They have picked up the local language and learned some about the harsh world they now call home. They buy a treasure map and follow it, they find a chest of gems and kill a spawn of Shub-Niggurath. They scout out the Seclusium of Jontof, Bearer of the Seven Potencies. They meet the apprentice posing as Jontof. He agrees to ally with them and tells them to seize the Place of the Skull. Timmy has a prophetic dream of the Fungal Gardens.

 24. The Place of the Skull. They party seek to loot the ancient mysterious site. They arrive and infiltrate the site. They manage to kill Ghopiab and Skullface. Ghopiab is now undead and under Bert’s control.

 25. The Place of the Skull part II. They continue clearing out the site, apparently there’s a captured princess nearby. They find her and finish off the minions. In the crystal chamber below they unlock the secret arsenal of the ancients. They agree to return the princess to her kingdom.

They now have dino mounts and the Battle Ram tank.

 26. Funeral for a Friend. On their way to Oras Kuhl they battle a village of Dolm Men, they encounter 8 Jale Sorcerers who demand a sacrifice. The group offers up Tor, the mutant slave who helped them escape. They fought a Spawn of Shubniggurath on the shores of Lake Hali, it killed Laila and Olivia. They finally arrive at Oras Kuhl where they are greeted as heroes for returning Princess Freya. There they bury their friends Hikiel, Laila and Olivia in the city of Oras Kuhl, a hero’s funeral. King Velkor rewards them with 20,000sp and lets them stay. They stay for the next 13 days while Garvik transcribes a scroll.

 27. The Fungal Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer. The group travel to the Fungal Gardens.

 28. Fungal Gardens Part II. They find deep ones, ally with the Bone sorcerer and convince the Red Man’s army to go away. Stay till day 30

 29. Towers Two. The group travels to Hune. They clear out the Sarkas Clan. Ended abruptly, did not finish.