Wednesday, August 28, 2019


17th century maps mark places thought to be infested with Cannibals, especially in unexplored parts of South America.

I reskinned some Pygmies from Blood in the Chocolate to be Cannibals for my home game. Enjoy!

Cannibals: Armour 13, Move 20’, 1 Hit Dice, 5hp, attack with spear 1d6 damage, stone club 1d6 damage or blow gun for 1 damage +poison (see below), Morale 8. A cannibal can see in the dark.
Carries a war shield.
 Paralytic Poison: When a character is hit with a blow gun attack they must make a saving throw versus Paralyzation. Failure causes their legs and limbs to stiffen. They become completely rigid and unable to move for 1d4×5 minutes.

Cannibal Chieftain: Armour 13, Magic-User Level 4, Move 5’, 4 Hit Dice, 24hp, attack with spear 1d6 damage, stone club 1d6 damage, Morale 8. He can cast one of each spell below:
• 1st level: Charm Person, Feather Fall, Sleep, Spider Climb.
• 2nd level: Levitate, Web.
Carries a war shield.

They will seek to capture, and eat later.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Physik Skill for LotFP

Physik Skill 
Physik skill is a kind of first aid roll, if the roll succeeds the patient heals +1d3 hp. May be used once per wound. Can also be used to stabilize a dying character, or as a knowledge check for medicine or human anatomy, etc.

Modifiers may be added for certain conditions such as being in the field (-1), or in the middle of battle (-2). Having a doctor’s bag (the equivalent of Specialist’s Tools) adds +1, being in a clean environment with food, water, clean bandages, and proper tools adds +2. This would be unlikely in the 17th century.

This skill has the possibility of harming the patient just as much as healing them. Very little was known about hygiene in 17th-century England. People were not aware that disease was spread by germs and infectious diseases were a serious concern. The only available treatments were bloodletting, leeches, purges, calomel (a tincture of mercury), opium, and quinine.

When you roll the Physik skill, on a roll of 6 (or 12 if you’re 6/6) something has gone terribly wrong.

Malpractice Roll 1d6
1 – Patient loses 1hp.
2 – Patient loses 1d3 hp.
3 – Patient develops severe fever over the next few hours, Poison save or lose 1 Con.
4 – Patient’s condition worsens over the next few days, Poison save or lose 1d3 Con.
5 – Severe infection leading to amputation, possibly losing more Con and Dex.
6 – Doctor has killed the patient.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor
A Plague Doctor may be a traveling doctor, a snake oil salesman, or an honest man of science, but the sight of him is a dreadful thing, for that means plague is near. God forbid you ever need one.

Armor 15 (leather, high Dex), Move 40/120, Level 3 Specialist, 11hp, Scalpel 1d4, Saw 1d4.
Open Doors 2/6, Physik* 5/6, Search 3/6, Tinkering 3/6.
Leather robes, gloves, plague mask, doctor’s bag (anti-venom (5), bandages, bottle of strong alcohol, surgical tools, soap, specialist’s tools, various tinctures and ointments), wide-brimmed hat.

*New Skill: Roll the Physik skill for first aid, if the roll succeeds the patient heals +1d3 hp, may only be used once per patient.  Can also be used to stabilize a dying character, or as a knowledge check for medicine or human anatomy.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Medieval Torturer


Weather serving the Crown or theChurch, sometimes a specialist is called for, a specialist in Pain! Trained in the methods of torture and skilled in the use of various instruments of pain, from scalpels and razors to elaborate torture devices, each more diabolical than the last, the torturer uses his knowledge of human anatomy to better inflict pain on his subjects.

Armor 12, Move 40/120, Level 3 Specialist, 10hp, Scalpel 1d4.
Physik* 5/6, Tinkering 5/6.

*In our game we created the Physik skill for first aid, if the roll succeeds the patient heals +1d3 hp. May only be used once per patient, after that it’s in the “hands of God”.  Can also be used to stabilize a dying character, or just as knowledge of medicine or human anatomy. 

The idea is that the torturer uses Physik and Tinkering in combination to inflict pain on subjects, not to kill them, but to extract confessions, information, or just for sick twisted pleasure. He can roll Tinkering to operate various torture devices and Physik to keep them alive.

Trained Monkey Pickpocket

In Vornheim, one of the random encounters says: Trained monkey pickpocket. Possibly disguised as an entertainer. 

 So I had to flesh him out. "aww he's so cute, hey.. wait a minute... where's my silver?"

Armor 14, Move 120′, 1 Hit Dice, 4hp, bite 1d4, Morale 8.

Climbing 3/6, Sleight of Hand 4/6, Stealth 3/6