Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mysteries of Grand Tartaria

A mythical empire located in northern and central Asia stretching eastwards from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Inhabited by an Aryan-Turkic, multi-religious, multi-ethnic culture found throughout Asia, and parts of Europe. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and others live in peace in Tartaria; it is the law of equality.

They speak their own language called Tartarian. Their kings are called Khans and they follow an Emperor. They are master horse-lords and are advanced in architecture. The culture seems a mix of Russian, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, etc.

There are Tartarian Giants in some remote regions, as well as rumors of polar entrances to an Inner Earth. Their own scholars believe they inherited their knowledge from an ancient race from the Inner Earth, the Draugur, also called Dwarves. In Tartaria myth and legends meet reality.

1220’s. Prester John, a Christian King from India, fails to defeat the Tartarian Khan.
1387 – 1400. The Canterbury Tales mentions “the Royal Court of Tartary”, as well as many other writers and scholars over the years, such as Marco Polo, William Shakespeare, and others.
1552. Ivan the Terrible sacks Kazan. Using canons he blew up the city wall and then stormed in. Other major khanates on Moscovia’s border fell; the Tartarians fell from the European political arena.
1598. On maps, the Duchy of Russia is distinct from Grand Tartaria, and not mentioned as an empire.
1623. At this time Tartary is a world-known Empire, challenged by Russia.
1775. Finally conquered by Russia.
1809. Tartaria’s flag and standard show up in a US Navy listing of all the countries of the world. After that, all mention of Tartary is ridiculed as fable. Cartographers stop putting it on maps. Tartary, its cultures, and history, are fully erased from history by Russian scholars. Large sections are given over to China and the Middle East, new counties like Mongolia and Kazakhstan are formed and the rest becomes Russian Siberia.

Scouting Party from Tartaria
Capt. Kublai, Tartarian soldier, Lawful. Con +1, Dex -1, Str +1
Armor 16, Move 90ft, 1st Level Fighter, 9hp,
+3 attack, Longsword 1d8, Spear 1d6, Morale 10.
Chain, helm, longsword, spear, horse & saddle.

Battul the Giant, Tartarian Giant, Muslim, Lawful. Con +1, Dex +1, Int -1, Str +2, Wis -1
Armor 18, Move 90ft, 0 Level Half-Giant, 11hp,
+2 attack Great Sword 1d10, +1 Spear 1d8, Morale 10.
Chain armor, helm, great sword, spear, Clydesdale & saddle.

Gombo, Tartarian soldier, Buddhist, Lawful. Con +1       
Armor 15/16, Move 90ft, 0 Level Fighter, 5hp,
Spear 1d6, Morale 9.
Leather, shield, helm, spear, horse & saddle.

Sargan, Tartarian soldier, Lawful. Cha -1, Con +1, Str +3, Wis -1
Armor 17/18, Move 90ft, 0 Level Fighter, 6hp,
+3 attack, Spear 1d6, Morale 9.
Chain armor, shield, helm, longsword, horse & saddle.


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